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Upfitter Marketplace Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and we want to make sure that you (“you(r)” or “user(s)”) understand our policies and practices. We also provide opportunities for you to choose what information you give us and options to opt out. This policy shall apply to (“Site”), any related applications (“apps”), and any other service provided by Upfitter Marketplace (“We”). The Site, Apps, or any other service shall be referred to as the “Services.”

1. Acceptance of this Policy

Please read this policy in full and know that by accepting our Terms of Use you are also confirming that you have read and understand this policy including how and why we use your information. If you do not wish to have us collect or process or process your personal information then you should not use the Services and should immediately cease use of this Site. You also understand that we use third party services and apps to deliver the Services. We are not responsible for the privacy policies, content, terms, etc. of these third parties.

You must be at least 18 years of age to use this website. We do not knowingly collect any information or advertise to Minors under 13 years of age. Minors between the ages of 13-18 must only uses the Services with parental control and consent. Children under age 13 are not permitted to use the Services. You are responsible for any and all account activity conducted by a minor on your account. If you are the parent or guardian of a child whom you believe has disclosed Personal Information to us, please contact us at so that you may review the information submitted and have such child’s information deleted and removed from our systems.

By using the Services, you understand that Upfitter Marketplace is operated in the United States. Upfitter Marketplace sees and can delete the information provided by you, but does not have its own servers. The Site is hosted by S.T.O.Y. and information is held on servers provided by S.T.O.Y., based worldwide.

Upfitter Marketplace contact details as a data controller are available at the bottom of this Policy.

How your data is treated and transferred is detailed below.

Upfitter Marketplace does not control in any way information sent between buyers and sellers and how buyers and sellers may use information once sent. Buyers and Sellers are therefore independent data controllers of that information.

2. Information Collected or Received

To use the Services you will need to enter, and we shall collect, a certain amount of personal information, which is detailed below. If you do not wish to transmit personal information, do not use the Services. There are also opportunities to opt out of the collection of certain information or transmissions, which you may take advantage of when available.

Setting up an Account: To sell items through our Services you need to create an account. You can either sign up with your facebook account or via fillable form. The fillable form will ask for your email address, first name, last name, and require you to create a username and password. If you use the facebook option, it will give us access to your email and public profile. Creating your account through Facebook is optional. Upfitter Marketplace may collect other available information through your use of Facebook for your login. We may also collect public information in order to connect with you. We may use that information as part of providing the Services to you. You can also choose to share some of your activity on Upfitter Marketplace on certain social media networks which are connected to your Upfitter Marketplace account, and you can revoke your permission anytime in your account settings.

Your Profile: You can create your profile. For your Profile you will be asked for your first name, last name, display name you wish other users to see, location (you may put your exact address or city and state. We highly recommend not putting your exact address as this will be viewable to other users), photo, phone number, and anything you wish to put in the “about” section. The information requested is not required, and you may choose to not fill out any profile information you do not wish to. Not putting information may affect your use of the Services or attractiveness for sales to other users and you understand that Upfitter Marketplace is not responsible for any impacts on sales or use due to information you choose not to input into your profile. You may review, update, delete and/or change your account information at any time.

Payments: To send or accept payments through the Services you must submit personal information to set up your bank account for ACH transfers, Paypal account, and/or Stripe account. To set up these accounts you may need to provide your full name, bank account number, routing number, birth date, country, and any additional information required by PayPal, Inc. or Stripe, Inc. to create an account. All information required for payments will be held by the payment processor and NOT by Upfitter Marketplace.

Listings: You decide what information you put in any listing. The only personal information collected in creating a listing is your location. We recommend not using your exact address. Upfitter Marketplace is not responsible for any information you post in your listing or how it is used by the public or any other user.

Analytics: We may use analytics to determine functionality of our Services. We do not link the information we store within the analytics software to any personally identifiable information that you submit.

General User Info: We may receive or obtain information (for example, an email address or IP address) from a user shopping or visiting the Services but who has not created a profile account. The information collected from these “General Users” is used only for the purposes disclosed to them when it was submitted to Upfitter Marketplace or in order to allow the transmission of information or actions directly authorized by the General User.

Communications: Upfitter Marketplace can see and stores the information and communications sent between buyers and sellers but does not control the information sent between buyers and sellers. Buyers and Sellers should not consider conversations to be private and should choose carefully what they wish to communicate through the Services. Upfitter Marketplace is not responsible for the privacy practices of buyers and sellers.

Cookies: We may use cookies on our site. Most browsers accept cookies by default. You can choose to set your browser to do otherwise. Note, however, that if you remove cookies, it may affect the functionality of, and therefore your interaction with, our Services.  Our platform S.T.O. Y also controls the cookies we use since we use their services for our Site.

3. Control of Information

You are able to choose what information you provide, edit information, remove information, and change your communication elections whenever you like. You may do this through your “settings” tab. You can only remove optional information without affecting the ability to use the Services. If you no longer wish to use the Services, you may permanently delete your account and information via the “account” tab under “settings.”

If you wish to have a copy of the data collected by us you may contact us via the contact information stated at the bottom of this Policy.

We may send you communications via any of the contact information you provide us. Communications related to the functionality of the Services, transactions, or legal notices are required and you cannot opt out of them. You may opt out of non-required communications such as notifications, marketing, newsletters, emails, etc. via the “notifications” tab under “settings.

4. Other Users

Upfitter Marketplace can see and store the communications and information you send to any other users of the site in communicating, buying, and selling items through the site. You are solely responsible for any information you disclose to another user and we cannot prevent the use or misuse of such information by other users. Please use discretion when giving information to any other user or person through the site. Other users may also follow your activity on the Site to receive updates, such as new comments and posts.

5. Use of Information and Disclosure

As described above, we collect your information to carry out the Services. We use and share this information only for the following purposes :

  • To fulfill our obligations and provide the Services to you;
  • To monitor the transactions occurring through our Services;
  • To perform any contractual requirements in our Terms of Use;
  • In any ways you have consented through our Site and/or Services;
  • To comply with a legal obligation, court order, subpeona, or in the defense of legal claims;
  •  Prevent a threat to any person, or our system or network;
  • To third parties to the extent necessary to fulfill the Services or marketing on our behalf;
  • In order to contact you as described in this Agreement; and
  • As may be necessary in the public interest.

This policy only applies to information directly collected by Upfitter Marketplace. Information provided to PayPal, Inc., Stripe, Inc., and other third parties through the Services is subject to their respective privacy policies. Furthermore, as stated above, Upfitter Marketplace is not responsible for any information you transmit to other users. Upfitter Marketplace is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of any of the third parties, users, or other websites on the Internet, even those linked to or from the Site. You should read the privacy policies and terms of use of all parties you transmit information to. For the purposes of European law, third parties and other users are independent controllers of data, and therefore they are solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and their own policies relating to personal information.  

6. Transfers

As may be necessary, and to the extent required for the provision of the Services, personal information may be transferred to third parties outside of US/EU/EEA. This data is managed S.T.O.Y

“S.T.O.Y or its subcontractors shall not transfer personal data outside of US/EU/EEA without adequate safeguards required by applicable data protection law, such as standard contractual clauses. S.T.O.Y may also use Privacy Shield-certified subcontractors located in the U.S. For more information about the Privacy Shield framework developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the EU Commission and the related principles concerning processing of personal data, please see here.”

7. Security

We take steps to keep your information safe including commercially reasonable protection measures put in place by S.T.O.Y.

8. Retention

Upfitter Marketplace only keeps your information for as long as necessary to carry out the Services and only as long as your account is active. You, yourself, control if you want to delete your account and the information associated with it. We will only retain information after you have indicated you no longer wish us to use the information to the extent necessary to comply with legal obligations. We do not control how long other users hold your information. Please note that closing your account may not free up your email address and username for reuse on a new account.

9. Updating this Policy

We may update this policy from time to time. We suggest you regularly check this Policy for any such updates. We may also advise you when we make changes via the contact information you have provided us. Your continued use of the Services after such notification constitutes your consent to the updated Policy.

10. Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this Policy or would like to report a violation you may contact us at