Information about Upfitter Marketplace

How it works

How it works

The Upfitter Marketplace is a centralized place to buy and sell emergency equipment custom designed to be intuitive and quick to use.

How Do I Start?
  • Sign up---Pick your username and password or login with Facebook
  • Accept the Terms of Use and Link Your Paypal Account
  • Start listing items on your phone.  (It takes less than 1 minute)

How Much Does It Cost To Use The Marketplace?

  • The Upfitter Marketplace charges a 5% platform fee for each item sold. This platform fee is subject to a minimum charge of $2.00 per item sold.
      • Example #1---List and sell an item for $100.00---The platform fee is $5.00
      • Example #2---List list and sell an item for $50.00---The platform fee is $2.50
      • Example #3---List and sell an item for $40.00---The platform fee is $2.00
      • Example #4---List and sell an item for less than $40.00---The platform fee is $2.00

  • Credit Card Fees
      • The Upfitter Marketplace does NOT charge any credit card fees, however Paypal and Stripe do charge account fees.  Please refer to your third party processors for their fees.

  • Typical Sale Using Paypal-----August 2018
      • Example #1---List and sell an item for $100.00  
        • The Upfitter Marketplace platform fee is $5.00
        • The Paypal platform fee is 2.9% + .30 totaling $3.20
        • You collect $91.80

How Do I Get Paid?
  • Typical Sale Using Paypal
      • After your customer pays for the item you will automatically receive the funds (Minus platform fees) in your paypal account.  Verify the funds and ship your item.
      • The Upfitter Marketplace never holds any funds.



For the Buyer

Let’s pretend you found the part you have been searching for.  Perfect!  Let’s buy it.

  • Make sure you are logged into your account
    • Find your item on the Marketplace.  Hit the BUY Button

  • Check the box and agree to payment. Hit PROCEED TO PAYMENT

  • Your PAYPAL account will automatically appear.  Remember, you already linked your account when you signed up with the Upfitter Marketplace.  Hit PAY NOW

  • Your UPFITTER MARKETPLACE INBOX will automatically appear and you have authorized a Paypal Payment to the seller.  You will receive a confirmation email for this payment.

  • Check your UPFITTER MARKETPLACE INBOX for updates
    • The Seller will Accept Your Order and Ship your item
    • Now for the hard part….Wait for USPS, FEDEX or UPS.  We know it’s the worst…
    • Hit Mark completed after your receive your item

  • Hit Continue and leave Feedback for the Seller

Enjoy Your Purchase On The Upfitter Marketplace!


 For the Seller

Let’s pretend you are the seller.

  •  When an item you listed on the Upfitter Marketplace sells, you will receive an email letting you know someone is interested in your item and has sent you a payment
  • Follow the link in the email or go directly to your Upfitter Marketplace account.
  • Click on your Profile Pic and go to your UPFITTER MARKETPLACE INBOX
  • Click Accept request and Hit Accept

  • Ship your item to the buyer

  • Leave Feedback for the buyer

Thanks For Using The Upfitter Marketplace!